'Speech and Drama in West Cork'

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Adult Classes

Introduction to Acting Course

If you’re thinking of acting for fun or to rekindle a life-long passion or youthful dream, this course is for you. This class will introduce you to techniques that will help you gain confidence and feel more comfortable in front of an audience, including breathing, relaxation and concentration.

In our acting classes, you will work on improvisation, explore your stage presence, and begin to master your voice and movements. By the end of the course, you will have learned many of the basic skills that actors use on a daily basis in theatre, television and film.

I keep group sizes small in order to encourage a friendly and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow.

No experience is necessary but a willingness to participate and enjoy yourself is a MUST! Course content includes: voice, stagecraft and presentation, improvisation, movement, monologues, play readings, audition preparation, etc.

This course also includes a visit to the theatre.

For more information on course day and times please phone Susan on 087-8398758.


Public Speaking and Communication Skills Course

This class focuses on the communication of information or ideas to a group or audience in such a way as to maintain their interest. Speaking to a group, in the context of a job interview, a presentation on a topic or issue, a sales pitch, or a formal speech or debate is increasingly common in school, college and work in present times. The classes encourage clear, fluent and expressive speaking on a variety of topics and in a variety of imagined settings.

Public speaking courses are perfect for anyone who has to give presentations in work, a wedding speech or other event where they will be required to speak in public or simply to become more comfortable talking in front of a group of people.

This public speaking course covers the following techniques:

  • how to conquer your nerves
  • correct breathing
  • projection
  • articulation
  • delivery skills, i.e. use of rate, pace, pause and inflection
  • content
  • use of props, i.e. cue cards, microphones, powerpoint, etc

For further information on this course, please phone Susan on 087-8398758.