'Speech and Drama in West Cork'

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Primary Schools

I offer Drama in Primary Schools on a once off basis or term basis.

In school we often associate drama with script, rehearsal, voice production, costumes and the show. Whilst this type of drama has certain benefits in that it increases children’s self-confidence, gives them the opportunity to express themselves in public and allows them the opportunity of appearing on stage. However, it represents only a part of the rich learning and developmental experience that drama has to offer.

In my workshops/classes I emphasise the benefits which are to be gained from the process of exploring life through the creation of plot, theme, make-believe and process drama.

Through my schools programme children will be involved in activities such as:

• The spontaneous making of drama scenes (known as improvisation)

• Entering into other lives and situations

• Engaging with life issues, knowledge and themes through drama

• Shaping drama scenes for the purpose of communicating them to others

• Living through a story, making it up as they go along, solving problems in the real and fictional worlds, co-operating with others, and pooling ideas.

• Thinking about and discussing the patterns in life so that the outcome of encounters and plots will reflect their perception of how life is or might be.

All of this can take place at a level suitable to the age of the child.